Different Perceptions Photography

Where dreams become reality

My name is Jana Stigling. 

I am an artist at heart but I am not artistic with words that are about myself so I will give this my best shot.

I have been passionate about photography since the day I was old enough to hold a camera.

At the age of six I was in charge of the family holiday photos and my mom had to buy quite alot of film everytime, because I had to photograph everting in sight.

I view life differently to other people and I generally don't like to do things the same as other people, especially when it comes to photography.

Photography is a form of Art, and art is subjective to the artist and the eye of the beholder.

I love taking photos of anything and everything that comes infront of my lense.

I do not change anything in my photos and I don't make things look unrealistic. 

I prefer the natural photos, the real, beautiful. 

I am always up for a challange and forever ready to try anything new and different.